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    Time: June 28, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

    UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting

    The Finance Department of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has recently issued the "Administrative Measures for Procurement Review Experts of the Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures"),Self7month1Implementation from the day.

    "Measures" Selected and hired the review experts、extraction and use、Rights and obligations、Performance evaluation、Euro Cup today match liveSupervision and Management and other aspects have been comprehensively standardized。Put forward,Evaluation experts perform duties and evaluate the deduction system,The annual performance evaluation of each review expert is basically divided into12points, set up a total of22Treatment of items. Review experts are late and have not exceeded30minutes (inclusive); engaged in things that have nothing to do with review activities at the review site,Affects the order of review work; deliberately delay review time, etc.6One of the situations of the situation2points。The review experts are absent and have not asked for leave from the purchasing agency within the specified time,Or late to exceed30minutes,As a result, the review Euro Cup today match livework cannot start at the prescribed time; during the review process, he is good at leaving the job,Affected review work is normalized3One of the situations of the situation3points。Evaluation experts have a tendency opinion or consult the purchaser's representative、The tendency opinion of the staff of the procurement agency; errors in conformity review; implied or induce suppliers to make a clarification、Description、Correction,or clarification made by the supplier's active、Description、Correction; negotiate scores for subjective review factors that require professional judgments; high or low scores; objective score review errors; not in accordance with laws and regulations,The bidding (response) document is 2024 European Cup live broadcastinvalid at arbitrarily; the review opinions are not submitted without the regulations for no reason; the review work is not over,Leave the review site in advance without justified reasons; determine the participation of the supplier in private contact before the end of the review to the end of the review13One of the situations of the situation6points。Evaluation expert annual performance evaluation is based on the accounting year as a cycle,Annual score6Division (including) is not qualified,Re -calculating after the score of the year expires。Evaluation experts' performance of quantitative evaluation scores less than9Time,The system automatically sends a short information warning to itself。The Finance Department of 2024 European Cup live broadcastthe Autonomous Region sets up the probability of ladder extraction based on the annual performance evaluation results of the review expert,Discovery qualifications with unqualified performance results6month.

    In terms of Euro Cup today match liveSupervision and Management of review experts,"Measures" improves and understands and included in bad behavior records。Put forward,Evaluation experts have no legitimate reasons without participating in government procurement related policies and regulations for continuing education and training,During the employment period, qualification is suspended2Times (including) and above,The Finance Department of 2024 European Cup live broadcastthe Autonomous Region shall dismiss it。Applicants or review experts have the review procedures 2024 European Cup live broadcastthat have not been specified in the procurement documents、Review methods and evaluation standards for independent review,Discovery review file、review situation,Provide false application materials,In judging、There are acts in the training,String with other experts to achieve illegal purposes and other circumstances,will be included in bad behavior records。

    It is understood,"Measures" also selected the appraisal for review experts、Number of declarations for review、Appointment、Continuing Education Training Evaluation Requirements、Random extraction procedures and other detailed regulations。Where it is clear,To issue a collection announcement、Online registration Latest football odds for Euro 2024and declaration、Application for reviewing the warehouse、Organizational training assessment and publicity and other procedures to conduct selection of review experts; experts declare the number of unlimited professional quantities without the directory of professional directory or above,Third -level professional catalog belt directory must not exceed3individual; review experts generally do not exceed3Years,Experts at the Review Review and Review of the Request should participate in continuing education and training and assessment。

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