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    Time: June 07, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

    Euro Cup today match live

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    Qinghai Province recently fully launched online agency online comprehensive score function,Realization of scoring processing information for illegal and illegal acts in the province,Improve the "portrait" function of the agency,Strengthen the supervision and management of agency,Promoting the development of agency standards。

    It is understood,Acting agency online comprehensive scoring function is online,The system stacks the scores made by the financial departments at all levels in the province in the province.,For full12The agency system of the division will automatically suspend the use permissions of the agency account,and issue a rectification notice by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance,Requires the agency to make rectification。2463_2499,The illegal facts and specific circumstances were combined by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance,Administrative penalties are made according to the program,And purchased 2024 European Cup live broadcaston the Qinghai government、Default websites of China Government Purchasing Network for publicity。

    Requirements for the Finance Department of Qinghai Province,Financial departments at all levels must compact supervision and management responsibilities,Supervise and manage agency in the agency engaged in government procurement agency business,Establish a sound random inspection mechanism combined with targeted random inspections and irregular random inspections,Supervision and inspection of government procurement projects with violations of laws and regulations。Financial departments UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingat all levels must strictly score management,Improve the work mechanism of the government procurement supervision and management at the level,Pressing job liability,Management of internal management of agency、Business operation and other aspects,The situation of scoring treatment should be given,Financial departments at all levels should insist on the facts clear、Program proper,Turn on the "Reading Notice",And in writing to the agency。It is required to be responsible for the internal entry of the government procurement trading system、Information filling work,Delivery in the "Reading Notice"2within working days,Entry the facts in the system as required in the system、UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingBasis, etc.,Make sure to achieve "one record",Improve the agency scoring processing information。

    Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance Clear,The object of scoring management of agency scoring in Qinghai Province covers the central procurement agency、Social intermediary agencies entrusted by the purchaser to engage in government procurement agency business,Including the agency of the registered place in the administrative area of ​​Qinghai Province and an agency agency in foreign provinces engaged in government procurement agency in Qinghai Province。Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance emphasized,Each agency must continue 2024 European Cup live broadcastto regulate power operation,Make sure the practice behavior specification、Professional、Efficient。On the one hand,Pay attention to its own construction,Ensure that the active conditions of the agency stipulated in the Ministry of Finance,Continuously strengthen institutional construction and institutional management,Legal、Compliance agent government procurement business。On the other hand,We must continuously improve capacity development,Study and understanding of government procurement laws and regulations and policies,Improve the preparation of procurement documents、Optimize the professional Latest football odds for Euro 2024service level of procurement procedures,According to the purchaser's entrustment, according to the prescribed time according to law、High -quality and efficient completion of procurement tasks。(Reported by Lejia Chao)

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