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    Time: June 20, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

    Euro Cup today match live6month10Day-6month16Day)

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    Efforts to break regional blockade and industry monopoly The State Council announced the "Regulations on Fair Competition Examination"

     6month13On the day, the State Council issued the "Regulations on Fair Competition Examination"(The following referred to as the "Regulations"), the Regulations are divided into5Chapter, Together272024year8month1Practice from the day。The Regulations follow the persistence of problem -oriented、Persist in planning and taking into account、The overall idea of ​​strengthening the implementation of UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingsupervision。Focus on the problem that the current operator reflects prominent,Construct a fair competition review system rules。Efforts to break regional blockade and industry monopoly,Science、Reasonable setting review requirements。Implementation mechanism for improving fair competition review,Promoting self -examination and external supervision,The institutional rigidity of improving fair competition review。Some outstanding problems existing in the implementation process to solve the fair competition review system。Some policies and measures fail to carry out fair competition review when they are drafted,Advance in the market、Element acquisition、Government procurement、Bidding Bid、Reward subsidies and other aspects of hidden discrimination differences for operators, especially private enterprises,Local protection、Regional blockade、Industry barriers, etc. still exist,Glass DoorRotating doorSpring Gateand other phenomena is more prominent,It hinders the flow of commodity element resources in the country.。


    The Housing and Urban -Rural Development Department of Zhejiang Province: Printing "Zhejiang House Building and Municipal Infrastructure Engineering Supervision Demonstration Demonstration Text (2024Edition)

     6month6Day,In order to further regulate the bidding behavior of the bidding bidding of the housing building and municipal infrastructure engineering of Zhejiang Province,Ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the bidder and the bidder,Promoting the healthy and orderly development of the engineering supervision industry,"Demonstration of Bidding Documents of Housing Building and Municipal Infrastructure Engineering Projects (2024Version) "(hereinafter referred to as" Demonstration Text ") issued, from2024year7month15Implementation from the day。"Demonstration Text" includes: use instructions,UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingBidding Announcement、Notes of the bidder、Bid evaluation method、Contract terms and formats、Service scope and quotation requirements、Service Technical Standards and Requirements and Bidding Documents Seven Chapters and other seven chapters.。and2017Edition "Demonstration Text" Compared with,The new demonstration text adds the following:(a)Implement the bidding fieldSeven is not allowed(2)ImplementationEvaluation separationReform measures.(3)Strengthen the application of credit evaluation results.(4)Effective guarantee personnel perform their duties.(5)Standardize the defense procedure of bidders.


    Anhui Province Water Conservancy Department: Stop water conservancy construction market main credit evaluation results in the field of water conservancy project bidding in Anhui Province

     6month7Day,Anhui Provincial Water Conservancy Department issued the "Notice on the Application of Credit Evaluation of the Orthopedic UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingEvaluation of Water Conservancy Construction Markets in the Water Conservancy Project Bidding and Bidding Field" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"),"Notice" is clear from6month11From the day, stop the implementation of "Forwarding the Ministry of Water Conservancy& lt;Water Conservancy Construction Market Maintrack Credit Information Management Measures& gt; & lt;Water Conservancy Construction Market Method of Credit Evaluation Management Measures& gt;(Anhui Water Construction [2020]79No.); Stopping various types of bidding documents released by the Provincial Water Conservancy Department in the method of demonstration text bid evaluation methodsBidder creditScoring standards; in the bidding activities of the provincial water conservancy construction project with bidding announcement,Use the use of credit evaluation results。


    Beijing Housing and Urban -Rural Development Commission: Further adopt bidding restrictions on enterprises that violate qualification Latest football odds for Euro 2024approval and construction engineering safety management

     6month11Day,The Beijing Housing and Urban -Rural Development Commission issued the "Notice on Further Enterprises of Enterprises that violate qualification Latest football odds for Euro 2024approval and construction project safety management" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice")。"Notice" from the type of bid limit measures、Mandatory bidding restrictions、Selective bidding restrictions、Note、Effective time and scope of applications, etc. For the relevant requirements of bidding restrictions on illegal enterprises in the bidding activities of Beijing's housing building and municipal infrastructure projects。"Notice" forced bidding restriction measures to restrict from three types of situations,and it is unable to obtain the bidding qualification and the qualification for winning the bid to the company5Regulations for execution。Selective bidding restrictions also restricted from three types of situations,and said that when the company UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingappears related,,The bidder can choose whether to take the bidding restrictions and clarify it in the pre -qualified review documents and bidding documents。Selective bidding restrictions include veto and scores。


    Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission: In -depth development of outstanding issues in the field of bidding and bidding for engineering construction projects in the province

     6month14Day,The Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice of Special Governance of Outstanding Issues in the Bidding and Bidding Field of the Provincial Engineering Construction Project" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice","Notice" clearly states that the main governance sets hidden barriers、Local protection and other unreasonable restrictions; the issues of the subjects of bidding bidding illegal violations and disciplinary issues;。

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