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    Time: October 27, 2022Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup& nbsp;& nbsp;Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup& nbsp;& nbsp;

    2024 European Cup live broadcast

    Qinghai Yellow River Energy Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. is now according to work needs,It is planned to recruit bidding personnel with technical consulting or technical services,The relevant matters are announced as follows:

    1. Introduction to Enterprise

    Qinghai Huanghe Energy Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Established in November 1998,Mainly engaged in engineering tender agents and cost consulting business。The engineering cost consultation certificate issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development of the People's Republic Euro Cup today match liveof China,Through the quality system、Vocational Health and Safety Management System and Environmental Management System Certification,5a -level capital letter unit。

    2, bidding content

    The bidder associates a certain number of personnel to cooperate with the bidder to complete the bidding agency work,Academic qualifications assigned personnel、Quality, etc. must meet the requirements of personnel requirements。Assign personnel to be reviewed after review,and after the expiration of the trial period, the assessment is qualified。

    Bidders and assignments to establish labor relations,and responsible for applying for endowment insurance、Medical Insurance、Work Injury Insurance、All relevant insurance regulations such as unemployment insurance and other countries,and responsible for all daily 2024 European Cup live broadcastmanagement of various social insurance;

    Bidders and associates shall not disclose or provide any confidential information to any third party or public。

    Work location: Chengxi District, Xining City, Qinghai Province

    Service period: Three years,The specific start time is based on the bidder's written notice。

    3. Personnel requirements

    (1) The dispatched personnel have a bachelor's degree in 985 or 211 colleges and universities,or have a graduate degree,Age no more than 40 years old;

    (2) Be proficiently using Office、AutoCAD and other office software;

    (3) Work full of responsibility、Enter the heart,Work meticulous、Serious,proactive;

    (4) No criminal punishment or administrative detention、Judicial detention records。

    4, bidder qualification

    (1) The status of the legal person

    The bidder must 2024 European Cup live broadcastbe registered in the market supervision department of the People's Republic of China,Enterprises with independent legal persons and general taxpayers,Business license operation scope includes technical consulting or technical service content。

    (2) Business credibility

    The bidder should have a good business reputation。There is no situation of being listed as a dishonesty and being executed,Specific identification is based on the search results of credit China (www.creditchina.gov.cn).。

    5. Qualification review

    Bidders provide a business license、ID card of the person who is intended to be dispatched、academic certificate, etc.,The bidder will conduct qualification review based on the provided information,Unqualified bidder on qualification review,will cancel the bid qualification,The consequences shall be 2024 European Cup live broadcastborne by the bidder yourself。

    6. Registration

    (1) Registration time: October 28, 2022 to November 3, 2022 Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup& nbsp;8: 30 ~ 11: 30,14: 30 ~ 17: 30

    (2) Registration location: No. 48 West West Road, Wuyi West Road, Xining City, Qinghai Province (1)

    7. Submitting the qualification and quotation documents

    Qualification and quotation documents must be submitted to the bidder before 9:30 Beijing time on November 17, 2022,Delivery location is the opening of the bidding room on the fifth floor of the holiday dynasty hotel on No. 48 West Road West Road, Xining City, Qinghai Province。

    8. Media release

    This bidding announcement is also purchased and bidding at the same time、Qinghai Project Information Network Published。

    9. Contact information

    DiLatest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;Point: No. 48 West West Road, Wuxi Road, West Ning City, Qinghai Province (1)

    UnitedLatest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup& nbsp;:: Fan Huiqin

    electricLatest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;Talk: 0971-6322921

    Email: hhnyzbb6322920@vip.163.com

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    Bidding announcement recruited by the personnel of Qinghai Huanghe Energy Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.Application form for bidding registration (empty) .doc

    Contract Annex 1:

    Quotation details

    Unit: Yuan RMB

    serial number

    Project name


    Number of personnel

    Service Time

    unit price

    Voice (yuan)





    (= Number of personnel × service time × unit price)


    Direct fee


    Professional and technical staff

    People · month



    Payment on monthly attendance


    Management fee


    Basic fee collection: 1




    Foundation of fee: One+two




    Basic fee collection: one+two+three


    Remarks: 1. The basic cost of staff contains basic salary of personnel、Various allowances、subsidy、bonus、Welfare、Meal fee、Labor protection Latest football odds for Euro 2024fee and personnel medical examination fee、Travel expenses, etc., all kinds of insurance and other related expenses。

    2. Management fee includes corporate management fees、Social Security and Enterprise Plan, etc.。

    3. This contract adopts a fixed unit price contract,During the execution of the contract,The fixed unit price stipulated in this contract does not change with the changes in national tax rates,If the contract is fulfilled,Encounter national tax rate adjustment,then adjust the value -added tax rate、The total adjustment of the price and tax is based on the time of issuing invoices。

    4. The monthly service time in the table is normal working days,Not included on Weekly and National Legal Holiday Time。

    5. The number of personnel is the tentative quantity.

    Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup& nbsp

    Contact number: 0971-6304393

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology File Number:

    Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup

    Qinggong.com Anjian 63010302000376

    Xia Duyun