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Project Name: Construction of the Gaoming System of Lijiaxia Hydropower Station-Equipment Procurement and Installation

Contract number: 1051-LD-SB/JG- [2024] No. 6 (Total 121)

Bidding Project Number: DNYZC-2024-07-01-334

Bidders: State Power Investment Group Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Babe: Lijiaxia Power Power Branch of Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Bidding agency:Yellow River Hydropower Materials Co., Ltd.

Yellow River Hydropower Materials Co., Ltd. is commissioned by the State Power Investment Group Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.,Construction of the access control system of the entire factory of Lijiaxia Hydropower Station-Public bidding for equipment procurement and installation items,The bidder signed a contract with the issuer after receiving the notice of winning the bid。The relevant matters will be announced as follows:

1.1 Project Overview

The main factory building of Lijiaxia Hydropower Station is a rear -style plant,5 400MW water wheel generator sets are installed in the main factory,Use "front two and three" dual row layouts,The special characteristics of decentralized equipment layout are existing in forms of layout,Safety management of homework site、Run、Maintenance、Maintenance、Safety prohibitions such as the construction of the Foreign Commission'UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettings project exist,Traditional mechanical locks on the role of equipment and personnel safety management and control are highlighting,Not satisfying the requirements of modern intelligent energy power stations。For this,It is necessary to make full use of advanced intelligent management technology,Construction of the smart safety control access control system at Lijiaxia Hydropower Station。

1.2 Scope of bidding and main work content

1.2.1 scope of bidding

Purchase of equipment required for the construction of the entire access control system of Lijiaxia Hydropower Station、Transportation、Installation、Debug and link with other systems。

1.2.2 Main work content

(1) access control system and supporting、Auxiliary system is soft、Purchase of hardware equipment/materials、Installation and joint test。

(2) Replacement of old door.

(3) Safety isolation fence replacement: The original old and broken isolation fence、Iron Gate、Delivery, etc.、Qingyun; New safety isolation fence processing and production (provided finished products)、Installation、Debug (partial fence door is the linkage control of electric doors and access control systems), etc.,Safety warning signs of the access control system。

(4) Data docking with the management system of the security control platform (manufacturer: Zhuhai Youte)、Firefighting system (manufacturer: Hikvision) and hexarin sulfur device (manufacturer: Zhuhai Sanchang) realize hard linkage。

(5) Rightly run the contractor、Maintain and use the system to provide on -site technical training,Provide related drawings and data archive。Participate in the acceptance of each stage of this project。Provide technical support for docking with other systems after investment operation。

1.2.4 Project implementation location, construction period and delivery method

Place of Implementation: The main and deputy factory area of ​​the production area of ​​Lijiaxia Hydropower Station。

Total time: 150 days,Specific starting time and construction period control shall be based on the start of the start order.。The suspension time of the legal holidays is included in the total construction period。

1) On -site delivery of all procurement equipment (materials) within 60 days after the contract is signed,and the original old -fashioned broken fence、Iron Gate、Delivery, etc.、Clean up、Moving,Temporary isolation fence on the spot、Setting of the Safety Warning Logo。

2) After the delivery acceptance is qualified,Complete the access control system and related supporting equipment and facilities in 90 days、Debug (complete the system joint test and put into trial operation within 30 days after the self -inspection is qualified)。

3) Provide time with/technical service time: the specific time of the project on the project provides a specific time with/technical services,Taking the time notified by the bidder。

Working hours: Effective working hours are 8 hours,Safety study every Friday morning。

Equipment/material delivery location and method

1) Delivery location: designated location of Lijiaxia Hydropower Station.

2) Delivery method: Delivery underneath.

1.3 Source of funds

The funds of this project are resolved by the use of their own funds to the upstream hydropower development limited liability company of Qinghai Yellow River,Fund has been implemented。

1.4 Bidder Qualification

1.4.1 legal person status

The bidder must be registered in the market supervision and management department Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cupof the People's Republic of China,Enterprises with a secondary and above qualifications with an independent legal person and general taxpayer qualification。

Have an effective safety production license.

1.4.2 Consortium bidding and transfer, subcontract

This project does not accept the bidding of the consortium,Not allowed transfer、Sub -packing。

1.4.3 Enterprise Credit

The bidder should have good corporate credit。There is no situation of being listed as a dishonesty and being executed,Specific identification is based on the search results of credit China (www.creditchina.gov.cn).。

1.4.4 Financial requirements

The bidder's financial status is good。No property is taken over、Frozen or in a state of bankruptcy。

1.4.5 personnel configuration

Project leader (project manager) must have mechanical and electrical engineering (or communication and radio and television engineering) or water conservancy and hydropower engineering, a registered construction certificate certificate and safety production assessment certificate (B.),and have 3 years or more project implementation work experience,and not part -time in other projects at the same time。

Responsible person (full -time safety officer): qualified certificate of safety production assessment (C certificate)。

1.5 performance

The bidder will be within nearly 3 years of the benchmark date of the bid,At least one completed industrial plant smart or intelligent access control system equipment supply or technical service (installation) project contract performance (must provide a copy of the contract,At least the contract scope of the contract and the specific work content, including the content of the contract)。

1.6 Qualification after review

The bidder will 2024 European Cup live broadcastbe tried after the bidding documents provided by the bidder at the evaluation stage,Unqualified bidder on qualification review,It will not enter the next stage review,The consequences are borne by the bidder yourself。

1.7 On -site survey

Each bidder will gather in front of the office building of the Lijiaxia Hydropower Station at 14:30 on July 18, 2024,Uniformly organized on -site survey by the contractor,The required means of transport、Cost and safety liability shall be borne by each bidder。

Because the installation environment is more complicated、High security risks,It is recommended to conduct on -site surveys。

Contact: Wei Haigang Tel: 15809732869

1.8 acquisition of bidding documents

1.8.1 Bidding Document release method

This project implements online sales bidding documents。Anyone who intends to participate in the bid,Please enter the official website of the National Electronics Electronic Business Platform (https://ebid.espic.com.cn),Registered account and download [Electric Energy E Zhandai Bidders],Sign up on the bidding butler client to participate in the purchase of bidding documents,Do not accept on -site purchase。

1.8.2 Bidding Document release time

July 10, 2024 to July 17, 2024。

Hotline service: 8:00 am-22:00 pm (working day)

8: 30 ~ 11:30 am 13: 30 ~ 17: 30 pm (weekend)

For the statutory holiday service time, please refer to the portal notice announcement

1.8.3 bidding documents price

You need to pay information service fees to buy bidding documents,The cost is: 300 yuan。The cost of purchasing the bidding documents will not be refunded whether the bid or not or not。

1.8.4 Bidding documents to purchase and obtain

(1) Buy bidding documents

Login Electric Energy Tesco Bidding Purchasing Latest match predictions for the 2024 European CupPlatform (Unregistered users, please register for free first,Improve the basic information and invoice information and wait for the review) → Download the [Electric Essence Emiers Bid Manager] client → Scan code login/user name login → View bidding announcement → payment service fee (online payment or upload or upload Payment voucher) → download and view bidding documents。

China Recruitment Interaction APP process,Complete code login、Electronic signatures and decryption,Bidders need to download & quot; APP。Perform personal user registration and real -name authentication as required、Enterprise registration and corporate relationship establishment、Purchase certificate as required、Signing and production of the unit。

When operating on the State Power Investment E -commerce platform, I encountered registration、Systems and bidding butler client use and other technical problems,Please dial the power of Electric Energy Purchase Bidding Purchasing Platform.。

(2) Payment method: online payment.

(3) Get the bidding document

Purchase bidding documents funds online after successful payment,Login Bid Manager Tool,Enter the bidding project to view and export bidding documents at the "Tendering → Tendering Document",Or enter "Bidding → Bidding response" will automatically download the bidding document。

1.9 Bidding documents clarification

Clarification of the bidding documents of this project,Please log in to the bidding housekeeper and enter the bidding project,Questions and views on the page of "Clarifying questions → My question" page。

1.10 bidding documents submit

1.10.1 The deadline for submitting bidding documents (ie, the deadline for bid) at 10:00 on July 31, 2024 (Beijing time)Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup,The bidder shall submit electronic bidding documents through the deadline (State Electronics Electronic Business Platform)。

The bidding agency will organize each bidder to open the bid for the bidding hall on the State Electronic Business Platform。At that time, please ask the bidder representative to use the & quot; medium recruitment & quot; mobile phone APP,Participate in the bid opening or view the bid opening results in the bidding butler client of Electric Energy E。

1.10.2 Electric Energy Tesco Bidding Purchasing Platform does not receive bidding documents for overdue transmission。

1.10.3 The bids of the potential bidders who have not purchased the bidding documents in accordance with the requirements of this announcement will be rejected。

1.11 The medium of announcement

This announcement at the same time in China's bidding and bidding public service platform (www.cebpubservice.com)、China Electric Power Equipment Information Network (www.cpeinet.com.cn)、National Electronics Electronic Business Platform (https://ebid.espic.com.cn)、Qinghai Project Information Network () Public release。

1.12 Contact information

The bidder entrusted the bidding agency to organize this bidding work,If you have any problems,Please contact the bidding agency。

Bidders: State Power Investment Group Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 43, 5th West Road, Xining City, Qinghai Province

Bidding agency: Yellow River Hydropower Materials Co., Ltd.

Contact: Han Yonghuan

Tel: 18095717725

Address: 8-2, Economic Industrial Park, Chengbei District, Xining City, Qinghai Province。

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