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Time: July 09, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

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Project Supplier Collection Announcement

According to the need for the management of bidding for procurement of our bank,Now publicly introduced the bidding agency project of Xingye Bank Xining Branch of 2024-2025,Announcement of the relevant matters as follows:& nbsp;

1. Procurement requirements and qualification requirements

1.1 Purchasing requirements:

This project is 2024-2025 Xingye Bank Xining Branch introduced bidding agency projects。It is intended to introduce the bidding agent company,Improve the quality and efficiency of procurement services,Strengthen procurement compliance management。

Number of shortlisted suppliers: 2.

Contract period: one year of the contract for one year,The agreement does not have any objection if both parties expire,Can be automatically continued for one year。

The content of the service is as follows:

1.1.1 & nbsp;Infrastructure project bidding service

1.1.2 & nbsp;Service and item project bidding service

1.2024 European Cup live broadcast1.3 & nbsp;Review Expert Service

1.1.4 & nbsp;Training Consultation Service

1.2 Service Team Requirements:

1.2.1 must be equipped with a professional service team for the bidder,At least 1 manager level or above in the service team,3 or more related professionals,Each personnel of the team must have more than 3 years of purchasing agency experience,At least one person in the service team has more than 5 years of construction engineering procurement agency work experience。Unbelievable permission of the bidder,Team staff must not change without authorization。

1.2.2 & nbsp;If the attitude and ability of the personnel provided by the project service team does not meet the project requirements,If the bidder put forward the requirements for improvement,The bidding agency shall be improved or replaced within 3 working days。 & nbsp;& nbsp;

1.3 Service Requirements:

1.3.1 & nbsp;Familiar with the operating mode and management requirements of financial institutions,With local service capabilities;

1.3.2 & nbsp;Assisting bidders to handle related affairs of procurement,Including but not limited to assisting in all foreign reports before and after procurement, reporting and reporting work;

1.3.3 & nbsp;Responsible for formulating the procurement work plan、Establish a procurement plan;

1.3.4 & nbsp;Preparation of bidding documents;

1.3.5 & nbsp;Release the announcement and bidding announcement Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cupof the pre -qualification pre -examination (if required);

1.3.6 & nbsp;Printing the procurement documents、Published、Sales and other tasks; organize on -site surveys,Answer、Clarifying the work;

1.3.7 & nbsp;Experts of project review experts in accordance with laws and regulations and project needs、Establish a review team and take the initiative to invite the bidder to appoint representatives to supervise the judges to draw the process。Protect relevant review fees (including expert labor fees、Conference fee and expert accommodation fee, etc.),and keep the judges' list secret;

1.3.8 & nbsp;Organize project opening bids、Consultation、Negotiations、review and other work,Do a good record of bid opening/negotiation/negotiation/review process;

1.3.9 & nbsp;Responsible for summary、Edit、Print、Copy、All relevant information of the booking review report and the procurement process;

1.3.10 & nbsp;Responsible for the procurement results public,and go through all the filing procedures (if needed);

1.3.11 & nbsp;Responsible for the collection of all procurement process information、Sort and archive,and transfer to the bidder or other related departments as required;

1.3.12 & nbsp;Responsible for the assistance treatment of subsequent audit work accepted by the project,Timely feedback to the audit opinion and can reach the scene to explain;

1.3.13 & nbsp;During the service period,Latest match predictions for the 2024 European CupConsultation services to provide relevant laws and regulations to the bidder,It is obliged to answer related questions raised by the bidder;

1.3.14 & nbsp;During the service period,Search business training for the bidder once (inclusive) should be arranged every year;

1.3.15 & nbsp;Other matters related to bidding.

1.4 & nbsp;& nbsp;Supplier Qualification Requirements:

1.4.1 & nbsp;Effective registration in my country,With independent legal person qualifications,Observing our country's laws、regulations and regulations。

1.4.2 & nbsp;The business scope must have related businesses such as bidding agent,Electronic opening bidding platform with its own or authorized use。

1.4.3 & nbsp;Register online on the local government procurement network.

1.4.4 & nbsp;Have good capital strength and financial situation.

1.4.5 & nbsp;In the first three years of participating in this procurement activity,The actual controller or senior manager of the supplier has no illegal、Criminal Record。

1.4.6 & nbsp;Have good professional ethics records and social reputation,In the first three years of participating in this procurement activity,There is no major illegal record in business activities,There is no major illegal record in business activities,No major economic criminal case,Not at the order of being ordered to suspend business、property is taken over、Frozen and bankruptcy status,Not banned by government departments from participating in bids。

1.4.7 & nbsp;It must be fixed in the local area that meets the facilities and office conditions of the purchase agency business and the business support team,Related certifications must be provided。

1.4.8 & nbsp;The qualification for invoicing for special VAT invoices must be required.

1.4.9 & nbsp;Have more than three years of purchasing bidding agent experience,Provides cooperation cases that have served financial institutions in the province for the past three years,The name of the cooperation project and the signing time。

1.4.10 & nbsp;The bidder must promise to become the shortlisted by this project,The fund settlement of this project will be performed through the account of Xingye Bank Co., Ltd.。

1.4.11 & nbsp;This project does not accept consortium bids.

2. Registration requirements

2.1 Open a public account at the Industrial Bank,If the Chinese specimen item,Credit the relevant expenses of the project through the Industrial Bank of Industrial Bank。

2.2 fully understands our service needs and can provide corresponding services according to the needs。

2.3 should have a good businessCreditand a sound financial accounting system.

2.4 Non -"CreditChina "network is included in the" List of the Party of a major tax illegal case "、Not included in the "China Executive Information Disclosure Network" "DisordinateList of the person executed "、It is not included in the "List of Information Latest match predictions for the 2024 European CupRecord Information Records of serious violations of laws and dishonesty behaviors"、Not being included in the "List of Serious illegal Freshly Freshly Trusted Enterprises"、No major violations and regulations have not occurred within 3 years before participating in this procurement,There are no bad behaviors in our trip in the past three years,Director of the offering of the Bank of Industrial Bank for use/exit。

3, solicit time

This supplier solicited from now until July 12, 2024 at 23:59 to stop。

4. Registration method

Contact person in the procurement department: Mr. Hu,Contact number: 0971-6266373,Contact Time: 8: 30-12: 00,14: 30-18: 00 (Do not disturb at other times)。 If you are interested, please submit the supplier's information to 373603448@qq.com mailbox before the collection deadline。

Registration Note:

1. The supplier information submitted includes the following three items:

Materials 1: "2024-2025 Xingye Bank Xining Branch Introducing Bidding Agency Project Project" supplier solicited feedback materials-company name (full name)

Materials 2: 2024-2025 Xingye Bank Xining Branch introduced the project information collection table of bidding agency

Material 3: Supplier access information import template

Fill in the templates of the above three materials, please refer to the attachment,Submitting materials can not be stamped with the company's seal。

2. The name of the email sent to the information is as follows: "2024-2025 Xingye Bank Xining Branch Introducing Bidding Agency Latest match predictions for the 2024 European CupProject" supplier collection feedback materials-company name (full name)。Please send only one mail,Disassembling and sending multiple mails is deemed to be invalid answer。

3. Submit the size of the supplier's information does not exceed 10m。(The total size of the submitted mail attachment exceeds 10m automatic interception as an invalid response,Please do not transfer access to the attachment through a third -party mailbox)

5. Precautions

1. Be able to fully meet the purchasing requirements of our bank、Cooperation intent、Suppliers with no bad behavior records can be registered。

2. This market research does not represent purchasing invitations or intentions,Only launching the market conditions for research。Those who are reviewed after review,Our bank will take the initiative to contact the applicant; those who do not meet the conditions,I will not contact the applicant,Materials are kept secret。

3. This market survey does not charge any cost of suppliers.

4. Suppliers must be responsible for the authenticity of registration information and information。If you provide false materials,The eligibility of the registration and the blacklist of the supplier of our bank。

5. There are questions about the above matters,Please contact our trip in time。

2024-2025 Xingye Bank Xining Branch introduced the bidding agency project supplier to solicit announcementAnnex 1.Docx

2024-2025 Xingye Bank Xining Branch introduced the bidding agency project supplier to solicit announcementAnnex 2.xlsx

2024-2025 Xingye Bank Xining Branch introduced the bidding agency project supplier to solicit announcementAnnex 3.xlsx

& nbsp

Contact number: 0971-6304393

File number of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup

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