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    Time: June 24, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

    2024 European Cup live broadcast2024Annual Agricultural Project15individual

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    Newspaper Huang Nanxun (Reporter Public Security Canada) 6month181to5month, the whole state resumption2023Annual Agricultural Covenant Transfer Project40One, start construction2024Annual Agricultural Project15, Euro Cup today match livethe capital expenditure rate is reached83%and10.5%

    Since this year,Huangnan Prefecture accelerates the pace of construction of green organic agricultural and livestock products in the first place,Create the green organic agriculture of the whole region,Help 2024 European Cup live broadcastQuality Xingnong、Brand strong farmer、Brand strong farmer。Focus on the construction of high standard farmland,Comprehensive advance2023Annual high -standard farmland transfer project, complete the construction653hectare,Promoting the use of livestock Euro Cup today match liveand poultry manure resource use,Guide farms to support the construction of manure treatment facilities,Publicity to improve the use of harmless resources in the region in the region,and handle the development mode of the entire county promotion project through 2024 European Cup live broadcastthe harmless manure,Control pollution from the source,achieved significant results。

    other,EIA as a prerequisite for the project landing,Increase inspection law enforcement strength,Ensure that the construction of agricultural -related projects meets environmental UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingprotection requirements。

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