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    Time: June 24, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

    2024 European Cup live broadcast750KV The main transformer replacement project is successfully completed

    Newspaper (Reporter Ni Xiaoying) 6month19Day10time10points,750Kyrgyzo Guan Pavilion Transformation Power Station1No. main transformers are fully recovered after the operation and operation of the main transformer,So far,Qinghai Power Grid's first750Kight Main Transformer replacement project is successfully completed,Improving the stability of the grid operation and green power transmission,Provide strong support for the supply of peak summer electricity protection。

    Located at the junction of the two provinces of Qinghai and Gansu750Kyrgyzstan official pavilion transformation station is my country's first750KV transmission and substation project -the starting station of Guanting to Lanzhou East Transmission and Transformer Demonstration Project,Yu2005Annual investment,Drives the task of connecting the power of the power grid of the two provinces and the upper reaches of the Yellow River.,It is the "East Gate" from Qinghai Clean Energy。

    To improve the health and Euro Cup today match livestable operation level of the substation,Eliminate equipment failure,State Grid Qinghai Provincial Electric Power Co., Ltd. welcomed the Guan Pavilion Power Station before this year1No. 3 phase of the main transformer for overall replacement。To ensure the smooth completion of the work,State Grid Qinghai Electric Power formulation detailed work plan,Using the double -sliding road and four steel rails,Through the jack、Steel Rail、Hydraulic Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cuppusher move the transformer to the basics。Precision Calculating Crac Parameters,and formulate the main arm crane with a car crane with the rated weight table,Make sure the on -site equipment is safely lifted。Continue to promote the modularization of the maintenance area、Safety Panel and other on -site safety management measures,It is strictly forbidden to work across regions。

    other,State Grid Qinghai Electric Power combined with the work requirements Euro Cup today match liveof "Safety Production Month",Enhanced on -site risk point recognition analysis,Implement the "multi -dimensional integration" management and control method,Through the front inspection "Source control", "remote+On -site inspection "Target Management Control"、Special inspection "Target Management and Control"、Joint inspection "Comprehensive Management and Control",From multiple angles,Comprehensive strengthening on -site risk control,Latest match predictions for the 2024 European CupImproving the ability to implement large -scale technical reform and controlling control capabilities while ensuring zero violations at the spot。

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