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    Time: April 30, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

    Euro Cup today match live10Unveiling of key scientific research projects

    Newspaper (Reporter Faye Faye) 4month28Day, reporter at Western Mining Group Co., Ltd.2024Learn at the annual science and technology conference,In order to fully implement the deployment of the provincial party committee and provincial government on science and technology Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cupwork,Promote the comprehensive savings and efficient use of resources,Accelerates to break through a batch of key core technical problems of "card neck",Western Mining Group from Mine、Smosh、Three areas of salt lake chemical industry have determined the research and application of Yulong copper industry selection process、Copper lead -zinc collaborative smelting process in the process of comprehensive recycling of valuable metal、Magnesium -based functional materials process optimization and product diversified development research, etc.10Item key scientific research project,further play the role of scientific and technological 2024 European Cup live broadcastinnovation in the way of "unveiling the list".。According to statistics,2023Annual Enterprise Complete Science and Technology Project836billion yuan, the investment intensity reaches1.87%

    Always,Western Mining Group solidly promotes industrial transformation and upgrading、Technical Innovation Upgrade。"Key Technology Development of the Industrialization of Magnesium Repairing Material Repairing Materials" and so on8Individual research projects won internationally leading、International advanced achievements,Get an authorized patent43Piece。Build a national enterprise technology center、Post -doctoral UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingresearch workstation、Qinghai Plateau Mineral Processing Engineering and Comprehensive Utilization Key Laboratory, etc.26A country、Provincial and municipal technology research and development platform。Current,A total of high -tech enterprises9Home, "Specialized New" Enterprise6Home,Western magnesium companies have become the only units in Qinghai Province who have been selected in the country to create a world -class special special demonstration enterprise。

    Continue to increase the research of science and technology minerals,2023New year copper, lead, zinc, iron and other strategic resource reserves increase73510,000 tons, the potential value of new resources18billion yuan。Surrounded by difficulties in development,Actively carry out technical research,2023Nian Yulong copper industry molybdenum recovery rate increased year -on -year5.17%Increase benefits829310,000 yuan; Xitai Mountain Branch lead+The comprehensive recovery rate of zinc is stable at188.44%,Stable in the industry's leading level; the comprehensive utilization rate of all mine resources is higher than the industry standards,Among them, Xitie Mountain、Yulong copper industry、Mines in the western copper industry are higher than industry standards26%

    Follow the pace of national science and technology 2024 European Cup live broadcastreform,Combined with the actual production and operation,Target with the motivation of inspiring innovation,Fully build a new technological innovation organization model and management method。Continuous optimization patent application、A series of encouragement policies such as the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,Remove the right of scientific researchers,Given scientific research funding、Technical research and other more autonomy。On the basis of consolidating the original major scientific research platforms,Strengthen the Academy of Geological Sciences、Mining and Metallurgical Technology Group、Central Euro Cup today match liveSouth University、Qinghai University、Jiangxi University of Technology and other scientific research institutes、Cooperation of colleges and universities; hire Mao Jingwen、Tang Juxing, etc.7Academician、Professor as a company technical consultant,Scientific research direction cover smelting、Chemical、Information construction and other fields。

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    Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup

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