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    Time: April 25, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

    Euro Cup today match live

    Newspaper (Reporter Zhang Hongliang)4month24Day,Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology (Provincial Merchants Bureau),In the first quarter,The province realizes the investment of investment promotion in place78billion yuan, a year -on -year increase19.2%, complete the whole year600100 million yuan target task13%. Among them, the continuous construction project219Pin, in place75.3billion yuan, accounting for the total amount of funds96.5%; New project10Pin, in place2.7billion yuan,Realizing the first quarter of investment promotion "Stable" and "Open Door"。

    Since this year,Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology (Provincial China Merchants Bureau) in -depth implementation of the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial government deployment requirements,Effectively fulfilling the responsibilities of the province's investment promotion work,The main Euro Cup today match liveline is based on the "six major actions" of attracting investment,Scientific setting goals、Precise Planning Project、Targeted docking negotiation、Practice the project to implement the project,Municipal states、Liech up and down in the park、Joint efforts to attack,Full Chain Promoting Project Plan、Signed a contract、Putting on and put into production。“4+1"" 100 billion -level industrial projects in place57billion yuan, accounting for the proportion73%, Jun Qunqiang's chain is strong. Funding funds in the six provinces and cities of the Qing Dynasty51.8billion yuan, the proportion66.3%, the support effect is obvious.

    In the first quarter,Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government held the development and promotion meeting of Qinghai Green Computing Power Industry in Beijing,Signed a contract8A green computing force cooperation project, total investment123billion yuan. Cumulative cities and states go out to carry out investment promotion50Yu Times, and100Other companies docking negotiations,Through in -depth docking negotiation,Promoting a group of representative development direction of the future industrial development of Qinghai、UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingKey projects with new productivity characteristics reached cooperation intentions,Obvious results。

    New signing projects in the province's cities and state parks22individual, sign a total contract475billion yuan. A group of "four places" industry and "4+1"The strong chain extension chain supplement project of the 100 billion -level industry is successfully signed,Provides strong support for creating an industrial cluster with Qinghai recognition。In particular, our province is based on the energy advantage of plateau resources and energy,In -depth integration and service "East Digital Euro Cup today match liveWest Calculation", "East Digital West Storage", "East Digital West Training" national layout,Promoting green computing power becomes the "new engine" of investment promotion in the province。

    The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology (Provincial China Merchants) said,The province's investment promotion system will focus on implementing the annual goals and tasks,Deepen the "China Merchants Guidance Year" activity,Focus on a strong chain extension chain supplement、Strengthen innovation driver、Strong special industry、Open emerging fields,Focus on the "four Latest football odds for Euro 2024places" around the industry、Green computing power and other fields carry out targeted investment promotion。Juli at the project in the project、Coordinated element guarantee、Carry out the great lead、Create an emerging engine to work hard,Efforts to introduce and develop new productive forces with investment promotion,Empowerment for high -quality development。

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