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2024 European Cup live broadcast
UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting

UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting

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2024 European Cup live broadcast

Qinghai Water Conservancy and Hydropower (Group) Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. was approved by the Qinghai Provincial People's Government in December 1999,Supervision Euro Cup today match liveof the Provincial Government State -owned Assets Supervision and Management Committee,​​China Water Conservancy Investment Group Corporation invested in the provincial key state -owned enterprises,Among them, the Qinghai SASAC holds 74.46%,National Water Investment Group holds 25.54%。Group Corporation Existing Qinghai Gelmu Hydropower Co., Ltd.、Qinghai Province Xuelong Beach Hydropower Plant、Qinghai Yulong Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd.、Qinghai Water Conservancy Hydropower Materials Company、Qinghai Hydropower Industry Co., Ltd.、Qinghai Yushu Electric Power Company A total of six wholly -owned subsidiaries,Participate in Qinghai Daba Tibetan Sheep Carpet Co., Ltd.。The company's registered capital is 225.7 billion yuan,Have 1150 employees,There are 25 self -built and self -tube hydropower stations,Total installation machine is about 163MW,Total assets nearly 2 billion yuan。Current,The company is the only one in Qinghai Province that is mainly engaged in the development 2024 European Cup live broadcastand construction of hydropower and water conservancy and hydropower resources、Business Management,Technical Consultation and Enterprises of Foreign Investment。

Group company set up a party committee、Board、Supervisory Board and Business Management,The current chairman is Tang Zengke,The general manager is Wang Haiqing。The main business of the company is: state -owned assets within the scope of management authorization,Exercise the property rights of investors in accordance with the law、Select the operator、major decisions and other functions,Affordable with state -owned asset optimization portfolio、Responsibility for preservation and value -added; development and construction of water conservancy and hydropower resources、Business Management; Hydropower、Power supply、Materials supply and marketing and external investment; management of construction construction and management of mechanical and electrical equipment installation; technical consultation related to the water conservancy Euro Cup today match liveand hydropower industry、Technical services;。

Since the establishment of the group company,Raiders more than 500 million yuan in succession,completed a number of rural power grid construction and reconstruction projects and the development of hydropower stations、Acquisition project。From 2003,According to the decision Euro Cup today match liveof the Provincial Government, I accepted the Yushu Prefecture Water Conservancy Hydropower Group Company,The construction management task of the Yushu Electric Source Power Grid with a total investment of 333 million yuan,and the owner of a large water transfer project of Qinghai Province with a total investment of 1.328 billion yuan,Both the government divided the worry,The social and economic development of the ethnic minority areas is done,It also opened up a broad space for the further development of the group company。

The company has always determined hydropower as its own business to develop,Strictly follow the requirements of the modern enterprise system on management science,Latest match predictions for the 2024 European CupContinuously optimize the internal control system and work order,Standardization of promoting production and operation activities,Implementation of fine management,Digging of potential efficiency,Construction Enterprise,Strengthen equipment update and technical transformation,Effective use of water energy resources,Persist in responsibility goals management,Implementing the business plan,Promoting production development with safe civilization,Realized the regulation of the enterprise、Efficient、Safety operation,Make each power plant production capacity、Operating status and cost control level increases to domestic first -class level companies。At the same time,Actively deploy and develop state -owned capital adjustment work,Make the asset and personnel structure more optimized,The quality and comprehensive strength of enterprise development have been improved。

The company always insists on strengthening the party's construction、Construction of spiritual civilization UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingand corporate culture,Carry out advanced education activities for maintaining Communist Party members,Play the political core role of the party organization and the pioneering model of party members,It ensures the correct direction of corporate reform and development。The company's system actively carries out mass civilization creation activities and cultural and entertainment activities,Enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees,Promoting the comprehensive development of people。At the same time,Pay attention to the shaping of corporate image and corporate brand,"Unity、Forging、Practical、Innovation "is the core of the company's spirit to be widely spread,Employees' trust in enterprises、A sense of honor、further enhancement of the centripetal force,Makes the company full of vitality and vitality。

As of the end of 2007,The company's cumulative power generation is about 4.3 billion kWh,Electricity sales exceeded 3.8 billion kWh,Completion of the investment of basic construction Latest football odds for Euro 2024projects about 1.5 billion yuan。The company has been rated as an advanced tax company in the province for eight consecutive years,Get the bank "AAA+" credit level,Starting into the top 50 companies in Qinghai in 2004,and two consecutive times as an excellent enterprise in Qinghai Province,Three consecutive years of assessment as an excellent provincial state -owned enterprise,It has been rated as an excellent company in the province's harmonious labor relations、Model Harmony Labor Relations Enterprise,In 2007, it was named the first top ten most influential integrity units in Qinghai Province。

Qinghai Water Conservancy and Hydropower (Group) Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Name: Qinghai Water Conservancy Hydropower (Group) Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 57 Wuxuan Street, Xiguan Street, Xining City, Qinghai Province

Electricity: (0971) 6138575 (Office) 6139707 (Planning Investment Department)

True True: (0971) 6138573

Postal code: 810001

Electronic mailbox:master@qhsdjt.com.cn

Enterprise URL:http://www.qhsdjt.com.cn/

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Contact number: 0971-6304393

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