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2024 European Cup live broadcast
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2024 European Cup live broadcast

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UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting

Qinghai Electric Power Design Institute was established in1958year,It is a professional design institute engaged Euro Cup today match livein power engineering survey and design,Now belonging to Qinghai Electric Power Company,Holding the power industry issued by the Ministry of Construction (substation project、Power delivery engineering) Grade A design qualification certificate、Engineering survey of rock and soil project、Engineering measurement Grade A qualification and labor qualification certificate、Power Engineering Consultation Class A Certificate、Power Engineering General Contract Class B Qualification Certificate、Power Engineering Supervision Grade B Certificate、Enterprise Building B Quality Certificate。Delivery project survey and design undertaking various voltage levels; power system planning and design; power system dispatching automation and communication engineering design; power engineering consulting; general contracting of engineering projects; design project supervision and industrial and civil UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingconstruction engineering design, etc. business。

Existing employees of the hospital130People, professional and technical personnel account for about the total number of employees70%,Among them, the qualifications of the first -level registry and technical personnel above the intermediate title78People, graduate students, university undergraduates59People,Complete professional talents,technical strength is strong,With strong survey and design strength; have a large number of advanced technology and equipment required to engage in modern survey and design;CAD) and Management Information System (MIS), and realized network management.1998Pass through the yearISO90011994Quality System Certification,2002Pass the re -review of the review every year, getISO90012000Quality Management System Certificate,The quality management system that has been established and can operate effectively;19979Annual archive management Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cuppassed the national secondary acceptance,& nbsp;2003The first batch UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingof "Demonstration Archives" was named Qinghai Province in the year;2004year11Monthly personnel archives management work promoted to the national level.

Council40For the rest of the year,The engineering survey and design project undertaken by this court is all over the province33County (district),Complete small power generation projects in succession15item, substation project survey design500remaining, electricity delivery line engineering survey design400remaining, system planning project300remaining, communication engineering100remaining, other projects300The remaining contracting items of the remaining items, completion, and transformation projects4item, it's also done60Employee construction survey design of more than 10,000 square meters and nearly half of the electric boiler heating design in the province,Technical capabilities with cooperative design Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cupand independent engineering design and project management with foreign countries。Due to long -term fighting Euro Cup today match livein high cold、High -altitude area,Under high altitude areas and salt lakes in the unique environment of plateau、The transformation project in the frozen soil area has its own survey and design ability and rich experience that has its own accumulation,formed its own distinct design style and characteristics。The project designed by the project is available31Items to get the country、Provincial、Ministerial -level Excellent Survey Design and Scientific and Technological Achievement Award,Among them, research on the issue of electricity delivery projects in salted soil areas obtained2002The third prize of the National Electric Power Survey Design Science and Technology of the Year;110Kyrgyzstan to Chalhan to send electric circuit Basic anti -corrosion research won the National Science and Technology Progress Award;330Kyrgyzstan Euro Cup today match livePerformance Circuit Project won the National Electric Power Corporation Excellent Design Award and2002Annual National Excellent Engineering 2024 European Cup live broadcastSurvey Design Copper Award (that is, the Tenth Excellent Engineering Design);-La Duan Qinghai territory feasibility research report obtained2002Annual Electricity Industry Excellent Engineering Consultation Achievement Award Second Prize;330KV湟 湟2004Annual Provincial UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingconstruction engineering Excellent Design Award and2003Annual Electricity Survey and Design Industry (thermal power) Excellent Engineering Design Excellent Award;330KVNitty Bay Transformation Center2Main change expansion of the rock and soil engineering survey obtained2004Excellent Survey Award of the Provincial UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingconstruction engineering of the Year.

2004Nianqinghai Provincial Electric Power Design Institute was awarded "2003~2004Advanced Enterprise of the Electric Power Company of the Year ";2000I won the title of civilized unit in Qinghai Province and maintained to this day,1994Annual was rated as an outstanding enterprise in Qinghai Province and awarded the Golden Horse Award.

Council40For many years of long -term development,Qinghai Electric Power Design Institute Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cupalways follows "Follow Customers、Pursue Excellence、Pursue Excellence、Casting Boutique "quality policy,Use high -quality services and good reputation to provide customers with the most satisfactory product,The goals of domestic first -class technology -based power engineering companies are moving forward。

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