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Latest football odds for Euro 2024

Qinghai Qiaotou Aluminum Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the northern suburbs of Xining City, Qinghai Province32Datong Hui Hui Autonomous County in the kilometers, established in2002year4month10Day (formerly established in1956Qinghai Bridge Hair Electric Plant), registered capital20billion yuan, total asset72.66billion yuan,It is a non -listed Co., Ltd. controlled by Qinghai Investment Group Co., Ltd.。

Since its establishment,Dedicated to promote the industrialization development process of the "aluminum power connection",Become one of the earliest joint -stock enterprises in the country's implementation of the "Aluminum Electricity Association" project,is a collection of power generation、Aluminum ingot 2024 European Cup live broadcastand aluminum、Aluminum Electric Associated Latest football odds for Euro 2024Enterprise。Current,The company has a power generation branch、Electrolytic Aluminum Branch、Electrolytic Aluminum Tham Company、Carbon Branch、Electrical Maintenance Branch、Aluminum Processing Branch and Aluminum Line Branch7a branch, employee5452People. Have annual production capacity: power generation installation capacity72.510,000 kilowatts, annual power generation50-58billion kilowatt hours; electrolytic aluminum3510,000 tons; charcoal anode1210,000 tons; aluminum fuse products2010,000 tons; aluminum cold rolled, hot rolled products210,000 tons.

2002Year to the present to the present to the present,In the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government and Qinghai Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. under the correct Latest football odds for Euro 2024leadership and guidance,The company adheres Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cupto the "establishment of business with integrity& nbsp;Innovative development& nbsp;Operation with cultural operations& nbsp;The business purpose of being frugal and efficiency ", remember the" benefit society& nbsp;Service Customer& nbsp;Achievement employees& nbsp;Return to shareholders "historical mission, promote" unity& nbsp;Realty& nbsp;Innovation& nbsp;Forge -ness "corporate spirit, pursue excellence& nbsp;Excellence first -class,Vigorously promote the aluminum electricity connection project,Getting good economic and social benefits:2005year, complete the power generation45.99100 million kilowatt -hours, aluminum product output15.8910,000 tons, anode cooked block yield8.6310,000 tons, complete operating income27.1115billion yuan, pay taxes2.57billion yuan,Total profit1.9195billion yuan;2006year, complete the power generation47.7823100 million kilowatt -hours, aluminum product output29.4710,000 tons, anode cooked block yield12.0210,000 tons to achieve sales income48.8billion yuan, achieve total profit4.2billion yuan, pay taxes3.14billion yuan;2007year, complete the power generation47.51100 million kilowatt -hours, aluminum product output33.558810,000 tons, anode cooked block yield13.0210,000 tons to achieve sales income57.8& nbsp;billion yuan,Total profit7.1billion yuan,Pay taxes4.9billion yuan. The company has been continuous6Years in the "Qinghai Provincial Pillar Enterprise" year, and continuously6Named by the Qinghai Provincial People's Government as "Advanced Unit in Economic Operation"。The company's "Qiaotou Aluminum" brand electrolytic aluminum products have been obtained "20052008Quality Exemption Certificate.2005The company has passed one after anotherISO 9001-2000Quality Management System andISO14001-2004Certification review of the environmental management system.

"Eleventh Five -Year Plan" period,The company plans to gradually expand the industrial chain,To coal、Aluminum deep processing and high -tech new material field with aluminum as the main raw material,Grasp the opportunity of the product structure of the domestic aluminum processing production enterprise to vigorously adjust,Make full use of the conditions for the convenience of local raw aluminum supply and power supply,Developed aluminum pressure extension products (high -precision aluminum plate belt、Building aluminum profiles) and aluminum alloy products,High -tech content with optional 2024 European Cup live broadcastintegration、Aluminum deep processing and coal project with good market 2024 European Cup live broadcastprospects。At the same time,On the basis of continuously consolidating the "coal and aluminum power connection",According to "Coal+electrolytic aluminum+electrolytic aluminum+Aluminum deep processing+Formed partnership with big users "model extends the industry chain,Use the construction of the company into a large diversification with 10 billion yuan in assets in the next five to ten years、Group -based superior enterprise。

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Company Address:Datong County, Qinghai Province

Contact number:0971-2755022& nbsp;Fax:0971-2755023

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Contact number: 0971-6304393

Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup

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