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2024 European Cup live broadcast

1. The basic situation of the company

湟 湟、Rapeseed acquisition、Processing、Enterprises that are integrated with sales,The company has two rapeseed processing plants in the company,Annual processable rapeseed 100,000 tons,is one of the largest oil companies in Qinghai Province。The company was founded in June 2002,Company total assets 175 million yuan,Located beside the National Highway 109 of Xiaomazhai Village, Daba Town, Duzhong County,Occasionally 535 acres。There are 165 existing employees,Among them, 23 management personnel、6 senior engineers、2nd accountant、1: Economist 1、15 technicians。In November UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting2004, the company's products passed the ISO9000 quality system certification; in 2005, the "Hongda" brand of vegetable oil trademark was registered;、"Golden Fish" brand of vegetable oil trademark。The company has been by the Qinghai Provincial Government、Qinghai Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau、Qinghai Provincial Agriculture and Animal Hall、Qinghai Food Bureau rated as "Advanced Enterprise"、"Integrity Enterprise"、"Key Leading Enterprise of the Provincial Agricultural and Animal Industry Industrialization" and "Qinghai Province Grain Emergency Specific Processing Enterprise" and other honorary titles。The "Hongda" brand of rapeseed oil produced by the company won the "Famous Agricultural and Animal Processing Products" in the Qinghai Provincial Exhibition in 2005 and the 2008 International Halal Food Exhibition "Gold Award"。In 2008、Provincial Branch Gold Customer "。

2. Enterprise business performance

With the strong support of various departments in recent years,The company's operating performance has been developed rapidly。The company's fixed assets increased from 12 million yuan in 2005 to 39.915 million yuan now,sales revenue increased from 28 million yuan in 2005 to 146.77 million yuan now,Profit has increased from 2.4 million yuan in 2005 to 10.34 million yuan,Company loans increased from 5 million yuan in 2005 to 89 million yuan in 2010。In 2010, the company acquired 30,000 tons of processed rapeseed,Selling 12,000 tons of rapeseed oil,Realizing sales income of 146.77 million yuan。Latest match predictions for the 2024 European CupThe area of ​​acquisitions is mainly Langzhong County、Datong County、mutual assistance county、湟yuan、Guinan、Guide、Around the Lake、Xiangride、Gate source、Haomen Farm, etc.。The company's product sales target is mainly the grain and oil reserve library in the northwest of the country、Qinghai Provincial Grain and Oil Reserve Library and Tibet、Gansu provinces and cities around Gansu and major cities in Xining City,At present "Hongda"、"Tulip" brand rapeseed oil product market demand strong,supply in short supply。

3. Product quality and quality

The company is market -oriented,Survival with quality。From the high -quality raw materials of the plateau to high -quality products,Enter layers of supervision,Make sure that each link is produced with a professional and responsible attitude towards consumers。The existing refined equipment of the company is a domestic advanced equipment,Therefore, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E and other nutrients such as linoleic acid contained in high -quality rapeseed oil produced are high,and can be absorbed by the body very well,Have a certain degree of softening blood vessels、The effect of delaying aging。Ensure that the quality of each bottle of rapeseed oil can satisfy consumers,At present, our company's products account for 20%in Qinghai consumer market。August 2010,The company's "Hongda" brand plant oil won the famous trademark in Qinghai Province。

4. Resource advantage and development plan

1、Concentration of rapeseed processing enterprises Latest football odds for Euro 2024in Xiaozhai Village, Daba Town, Daba Town, Lizhong County, where the company is located,Convenience of traffic,Favorite conditions such as market reputation,The company further accelerates product quality management,Strengthen enterprise publicity,Establish brand business philosophy,Creating a national brand trademark。

2、2009-2014 The company plans to invest 420 million yuan in new grain and oil deep processing logistics parks in Daba Town, Tongzhong,,To ensure the supply of the majority of consumer markets in Qinghai Province。Project construction is intended to be carried out in three periods,Among them: 150 million yuan to be invested in the first phase of construction,Construction content is: 500 acres of land acquisition,Mainly build 50,000 tons of grain storage facilities; 50,000 tons of rapeseed raw ingredients warehousing facilities,200 tons/day small packaging production line,50,000 tons of oil tank facilities and supporting facilities; the second phase of construction projects intend to invest 100 million yuan,Construction content is: annual design and processing capacity of 300,000 tons of rapeseed production line (1000 tons/day treatment,600 tons/day immersion,400 tons/day refinement); the three -phase construction project intends to invest 170 million yuan,Construction content is: 1,000 tons/day flour processing production line; 600 tons/day feed processing production line; 120 tons/day sewage treatment; 5,000 square meters office building; vegetable preservation UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingstorage、Food processing and trade facilities。

The preliminary work of the project has been basically completed,The construction of the first phase of the project in March 2010,As of April 2011,The project has completed a total of 91.78 million yuan,At present, all the procedures for project construction have been complete,Complete the work of "Three links and One Ping",Oil sheds and liquidation houses have started construction,50,000 tons of oil storage tanks Construction,It has been built from 2 5,000 tons of oil storage tanks and put into use,100,000 tons of grain and rapeseed raw material storage facilities start construction,300 -ton/day small packaging production line Construction,The preliminary preparation work of the vegetable preservation library construction project has been completed。In 2011, the company plans to invest 150 million yuan,Complete 50,000 tons of oil storage tanks、100,000 tons of grain and rapeseed raw materials warehousing facilities,300 tons/day small packaging production line and 300 tons/h drying system,Vegetable Fresh Project,office building and supporting facilities。

3、Do a good job of energy saving and consumption reduction work in the enterprise,Advanced technology for existing production system、Process and equipment for technical transformation,The purpose of reaching energy saving and consumption reduction。

5. Construction of raw materials production bases in 2010

1、Company cooperation with Xiaomazhai Village, Daba Town, Lizhong County,1,500 acres of land in Xiaozhai Village Euro Cup today match liveas the company's raw material production base,The circulation period is 5 years,Drive 560 local farmers。

2、To make full use of local resource advantages,Develop and expand regional agricultural products,Establish an advantageous characteristic agricultural product production base,Increase farmers' income,The company's Tongzui Village, Republic Town、Onion Village、Xinwan Village、Jiu Bi Village、Wangjiashan Village、Zhuangke Brain Village、7 administrative villages in Xuan Mawan Village established 10,300 acres of rapeseed production bases;、Xia Ruerga、Tiejiaying、West fork、Shangying、Duanbaying、Ban Zhongying、Bada、New Village、10 administrative villages in Shangji Temple Establish a concentrated continuous lapse 5 rapeseed raw material production base 7030 acres。The company provides seeds for the villagers、Fertilizer、Pesticide,Let rapeseed planting concentrated slices,The price of rapeseed at the company's acquisition base is higher than 0.10 yuan per kilogram based on the national protection price,To achieve the common development of enterprises and farmers,Effectively drive farmers into the market。

The company is under the leadership of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government、Under the strong support and leadership of relevant departments,Continue to provide product quality and output,bigger and stronger,Let the company take the group's road; continue to contribute to the development of local agricultural industrialization; 2024 European Cup live broadcastcontinue to be a leading leader,Drive the economic development of "oil dragon" in Qinghai Province。The company further accelerates corporate management,Strengthen the establishment of a enterprise sales network,Establish brand business philosophy,Creating a well -known trademark in the country。

The company is market -oriented,Survival with quality。In recent years, products have been recognized and trustworthy of consumers,The "Hongda" brand trademark produced by the company won the "Gold Award" of the Qinghai International Halal Food Exhibition in 2008、2008 by the Qinghai Food Association was identified as "Re assured of grain and oil in Qinghai Province"、Then obtained a well -known trademark in Xining in 2009、In 2010, I won the famous trademark of Qinghai Province。

Qinghai Xunzhong Hongda Agricultural and Samel Product Purchase Co., Ltd. Corporate Culture

a、Corporate spirit: integrity and pragmatic、self -improvement、Pioneering Innovation、Pursue Excellence

2、Corporate business philosophy: product -based guide、Relying on quality、Use service as a guarantee、Taking the price as lever、Make profit -centered。

3、Corporate management concept: Clear goals、Responsible to people、Scientific management、Powerful execution。

4. Enterprise team spirit: unity and cooperation, eliminate difficulties.

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