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Time: June 17, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

Basic project information

Project name

Annual output of 150,000 tons of aluminum tie production line construction project

Project code


Code time


Project code agency

Ganhe Industrial Park Economic and Science and Technology Development Bureau

Administrative Division

Ganhe Industrial Park

Creation time


Project construction location

Ganhe Industrial Park

Detailed location of the project

No. 28, Guangxin Avenue, Ganhe Industrial Park, Ganhe Industrial Park, Xingzhong District, Xining City, Qinghai Province

Project declaration time


Audit type

File type

National standard industry

Aluminum pressure delay machining

The project belongs to the industry


Industrial structure adjustment guidance directory

New materials & nbsp; (1) Information。Semiconductor、Electronic -grade polysilicon (including region melting polysilicon material)、Silicon single crystal (more than 200mm diameter) and silicon 2024 European Cup live broadcastcarbide single Latest football odds for Euro 2024crystal、Silicon -based electronic gas、Phosphorus 铟 single crystal、Multi -crystal 锗、锗 Single Crystal, etc.,diameter of 125mm or more direct pull or more diameter of more than 50mm or more level growth compound semiconductor material、Aluminum, copper, silicon, silicon, tungsten molybdenum rare earth and other large -scale high -purity targets、Ultra -high and pure rare metals and targets、Ultra -large -scale integrated circuits Copper nickel silicon and copper -chromium -chromium -pyrophotia binding frame material、Electronic solder, etc.。(2) New energy。Silicon Energy (crystal silicon photovoltaic) material,UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Euro Cup today match liveResults BettingIncluding supporting high -purity polysilicon (including rod -shaped polysilicon and granular silicon)、High -efficiency single crystal silicon rod、High -efficiency single crystal silicon wafers; nuclear sponge tadpoles and larvae。(3) Transportation、High -end manufacturing and other fields。CNC machine tool、Marine Engineering、CNC machine tool、Rail Transit、Nuclear Engineering、New Energy、Advanced medical equipment、Light -end manufacturing such as environmental protection and energy -saving equipment、Copper nickel metal material、Rare rare earth metal materials、Precious Metal Material、Composite metal 2024 European Cup live Latest football odds for Euro 2024broadcastmaterials、Metal ceramic material、additive material、Biomedical materials、Catalytic material、3D printing material、High -performance hard alloy materials and tools。(4) New energy、Semiconductor lighting、Continuous metal rolls in the electronic field、vacuum coating material、High -performance foil

Project attribute

Civil Fixed Asset Investment Project

Construction Nature


Construction content and scale

The new land area of ​​this project is 52849.13 square meters,About 79.27 acres。Create 14 new cast and rolled production lines、1 cold rolling production line、1 cast aluminum ingot production line,Buy a Euro Cup today match livecasting 2024 European Cup live broadcastmachine、Cold Rolling Machine、Asiacopter、Insulation furnace、Melting aluminum furnace、Treasurer、horizontal cutting machine、Pull bend、Volume machine and other major production equipment。Supporting production workshop、Warehouse、Comprehensive Building、Give the drainage、Power distribution、HVAC、Office life and environmental protection auxiliary attached facilities,Forms an annual output of 150,000 tons of aluminum rolling roll production scale。

I plan to start work


Detailing time


Total investment of the project (10,000 yuan)


Whether foreign investment

Internal capital

& nbsp;

Project application unit

Unit name

Qinghai Su Euro Cup today match liveZhen Aluminum Co., Ltd.

License type

Unified social credit code

license number



Liu Congress

Project legal person unit

Project unit

Qinghai Su Euro Cup today match liveZhen Aluminum Co., Ltd.

License type

Unified social credit code

license number



Liu Congress

& nbsp;

& nbsp

Contact number: 0971-6304393

File number of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

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