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2024 European Cup live broadcast
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2024 European Cup live broadcast

Time: June 17, 2024& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;

2024 European Cup live broadcast

Supporting facility project (chicken seedlings、Chicken Feed) Competitive consultation announcement

Qinghai Xinya Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "purchasing agency") The People's Government of Xiamen Towen Town (hereinafter referred to as the "purchaser") commissioned by the people and the Hui people.,It is intended to be a supporting facility project for "Gosenmen Town Sunjiazhuang Village 2023、Chicken Feed) "Carried Euro Cup today match liveout domestic competitive consultation Latest football odds for Euro 2024purchases,Announcement now,Welcome to qualified suppliers to participate in the bid。

Procurement item number

Qinghai Xinya Competition (Cargo) 2024-008

Purchasing project name

Gamed Town Sunjiazhuang Village 2023 Rural Revitalization Demonstration Village Breast Chicken Breeding and Production Base Supporting Facilities Project (Chicken Ri、Chicken Feed)

Procurement method

Competitive consultation

Procurement budget quota

450000.00 yuan

Project sub -packs


Each package requirements

For details, please refer to "Consultation Documents" (click here to download)

Qualification Conditions of each package supplier

1、Conditions of Article 22 of the "Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China",and provide the following materials:

& nbsp;(1) Vertical documents of the supplier's business license,Natural Latest football odds for Euro 2024person's identity certificate。

& nbsp;(2) Latest match predictions for the 2024 European CupReports of financial status and related materials for taxation and social security funds in accordance with the law。

& nbsp;(3) Certificate materials that have the equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary to perform the contract。

& nbsp;(4) Written statements that have no major illegal records in the business activities within 3 years before participating in government procurement activities。

& nbsp;(5) Have law、Proof materials for other conditions stipulated in administrative regulations。

2、legally registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China,With an independent legal person qualification;

3、The person in charge of the unit is the same person or the existence of direct control、Different suppliers of management relationship,Do not participate in government procurement activities under the same Latest football odds for Euro 2024contract。Otherwise,All disqualification of bidding;

4、Provide overall Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cupdesign for this procurement project、Standardized preparation or project management、Supervision、Check suppliers for inspection and other services,No longer allowed to participate in other procurement activities of the procurement project;

5、This project does not accept suppliers to bid in a consortium;

6、Credit China (www.creditchina.gov.cn)、China Government Procurement Network (www.ccgp.gov.cn) and other channels,Intellectualized by the dishonesty being executed、List of the parties of major tax illegal cases、Government procurement of serious violations of the law of dislocation behavior,Cancel bid qualification。(Provided "Credit China" and "China Government Procurement Network" website without any bad records of query screenshots,Time is within 10 days before the deadline for bidding);

7、The official website of the Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China (http://www.court.gov.cn/) "UEFA Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingNational Court of Court of Court of Trust was announced and query" (http://shixin.court.gov.cn /) Section query results。

8. Other qualifications stipulated in the consultation documents.

9、Suppliers must provide the "Feed Production License" and "Animal Quarantine Qualification Certificate"。

Announcement release time

June 17, 2024

Time to get consultation documents

June 18, 2024 to June 24, 2024,Every morning 00: 00-12: 00,12: 00-23: 59 pm (except for holidays)。

Method of the release of consultation documents

Zheng Caiyun Platform Download

File price

0 yuan

Location of the offering documents

Suppliers log in to Zheng Caiyun Platform https://www.zcygov.cn/ Online application to obtain procurement documents (enter "project procurement" application,Select the item in the Latest football odds for Euro 2024acquisition of the purchase file menu,Apply for obtaining purchasing documents)

bidding deadline and bid opening time

09:Latest football odds for Euro 202430, June 28, 2024 (Beijing time)

Submitting location of the bidding documents

Zheng Caiyun bidding client

The location of the consultation

Xinghai Xinya Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd. (East of Qinghai Provincial Government)

Buyer and contact phone call

Purchase: People's Government of Xiamen Town, Hui and Hui Tujun Autonomous County

Contact: Mr. Li

Contact number: 0972-8581011

Contact Address: Mennmen Town, Minhe County

Purchasing agency and contact person phone

Procurement agency: Qinghai Xinya Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.

Lianhe people: Ms. Wang

Contact number: 0971-6264664

Contact Address: Qinghai Xinya Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd. (East of Qinghai Provincial Government)

Purchasing agency account opening bank

Bank of China Co., Ltd. Xining City Commercial Lane Sub -branch


Qinghai Xinya Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.

Bank account

1050 4930 9518

Other matters

Announcement period: 5 working days from the date of the release of 2024 European Cup live broadcast"Qinghai Government Procurement Network"; this announcement on "Qinghai Government Procurement Network"、"Qinghai Province Electronic Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform" is released at the same time,The announcement is based on the release of "Qinghai Government Procurement Network".。

The financial department supervisory telephone

Unit name: Minhe County Finance Bureau

Contact number: 0972-8526409

Qinghai Xinya Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.

& nbsp;June 17, 2024& nbsp;

& nbsp

Contact number: 0971-6304393

​​File number of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

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