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Euro Cup today match live

Term announcement of teaching aid procurement project

I. Basic project

Procurement Project Number: Hua Public Services (Cargo) No. 2024-02

Purchasing item name: Huaolong County Qunke New Zone Second Kindergarten Play Teaching Aid Procurement Project

2. The reason for the termination of the project

Due to the change in procurement parameters, the project is terminated

3, other supplementary matters


4、An inquiry of the content of this announcement,Please contact the following ways。

1. Purchase information

Name: Hua Long Hui Autonomous County Education Bureau

Address: Qinghai Haidong City Huayonglong Autonomous County Queoyuan Road Education Bureau Office Building

Contact information: 0972-8713339

2. Information (if any)

Name: Hua Long County Public Resources Transaction Accepting Service Department

Address: 1st Floor, East of the East of the Comprehensive Building of Hualong County Qunke New District

Contact information: 0972-8289156

3. Project contact information

Project Contact: Teacher Tian

Electricity: 0972-8289156

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Latest match predictions for the 2024 European Cup

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